PlasmoDB 5.4 released

PlasmodbThe ApiDB team have announced a new release of the Plasmodb database version 5.4. The database hosts genomic and proteomic data for different species of the parasitic eukaryote Plasmodium, which is the causative agent for malaria. It brings together data provided by numerous laboratories worldwide. From an email sent to registered database users,

New data in the new release include:

  • A slightly modified reference genome for P. falciparum
  • P. berghei gametocyte proteomics data
  • Many additional P. falciparum SNPs
  • Additional ESTs
  • Expression profiling data for antigenic and adherent variants of P. falciparum 3D7
  • User comments submitted prior to June 2007 have now been incorporated into the official annotation.

A brief list of new features include:

  • faster loading of Gene and Genome Browser pages.
  • Improved synteny views in the Genome Browser.
  • Browser views of rodent malaria genomes colored to indicate chromosomes.
  • Gene page links to various external data sources (including PlasmoMAP, TDRtargets, UCSC P. falciparum genome browser, Ontology-based Pattern Identification and literature databases).
  • More convenient access to help … please click the “Ask us a Question” link on the left of every page, or the “Contact Us” at bottom to report problems or suggest improvements to the database.

Many thanks to the Plasmodb team and the entire ApiDB team for the the recent improvements and for the new datasets.


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